Tuesday, March 29

Cricut Cake Success!

I was able to get my awesome buttercream fondant to cut with my cricut cake! I tried my original MMF recipe some time back with no success, but my new fondant recipe cuts very well! Some things are still tricky, but I feel I got the hang of it. Now I can use my 20+ cartridges to decorate cakes with.

Months ago I read TONS of blogs and watched a lot of You Tube videos on tips and tricks to using the cricut cake machine. You CAN'T expect to pull this thing out of the box and use it with success. Just like any new machine, it takes practice. There still are times some of my cuts don't come out well. I end up rolling the fondant out and trying again with a larger image.

Also, I'm not sure how anyone uses this machine without a gypsy. I know exactly where to roll my fondant at and I don't waste my dye, fondant or time. Another tip, make sure you have more than 1 mat. It makes the process go much faster. I'm due to buy new mats, the machine (regardless of the pressure setting) really cut into the mats. It leaves imprints on the back of your cut product.

Make sure you have everything you may need out and within arms reach.
Brush Crisco on your mat, thin! I'm actually going to try cake release my next time around to see if it will release my cut items easier

Take your prepared fondant (I use Buttercream MMF ) and color it, then roll it thin enough you can see the lines of the mat through it. This is the tricky part! Roll it too thin and it sticks after cutting making it impossible to get off the mat. Roll it too thick and it will drag and bunch as the machine cuts it. I had to practice this many, many times to get it right.
This is my fully prepared mat ready to cut. I find that if you give it 10-15min of air to "harden" prior to cutting it cuts cleaner.

Now you are ready to insert the mat into your cricut cake machine and begin cutting. The settings that have worked best for me is MEDIUM PRESSURE and LOW SPEED. By all means try out a few different settings to see what cuts best for you!
Starting my cuts
Overall, I have found that images 3" and larger cut perfect. When you start cutting small, very detailed items it's VERY hard to get them perfect! Example of this is the name KENZ on the crown below. Not only was it hard to cut (drug some) it was also almost impossible to get off the mat!

My finished creations
In the end, I am happy with my machine! I have many more options to decorate my cakes with!!!! Maybe I'll make a fun Easter cake or cupcakes for my son's preschool class. :)

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