Friday, April 15

Great Mustard Buy :)

I was out for a doctor appt. this morning and Walmart was right there, so I decided to stop in for some deals I found posted on (you can find links to some of the coupons I used there too). Well, like I always say NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT YOUR COUPON BINDER, because you never know what great deals you'll run into! Toaster Strudels and French's Mustard was 2!

$11 for everything you see!
Great sales on mustard!!!! Most were already reduced .50-$1

Frenchs Dijon 12oz $1.97- $1 coupon
Classic mustard 20oz 40% more one, $1.37 -.30 coupon
Frenchs spicy brown mustard 18oz 50% more one, $1.37 -.30 coupon

Toaster Strudels $1.98 -$1 off each coupon

Idahoan original instant potatoes, .42 -$1 off 3 coupon

Vinegar (I bought Apple cider one so a little more) $1.36 -.50 coupon (STILL .20 cheaper than the cheapest brand)

Also, Country Mart was having a great sale on Land O Lakes butter 2/$6, go to to print a $1 off 2 coupon and also use your .50 off 2 coupon - end price only $2.25 each!!!

***********For anyone interested my friend and I are hosting a "how to coupon right" meeting next Friday 4/22 at 7pm. Send me a message if you want to come!****************************

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