Tuesday, April 19

Monday evening shopping trip 4-18

Maureen & I did our usual Monday night shopping (CVS, Walgreens as usual and Target!) and this week I saved $97 AND got $5RR (Walgreens $ to use next time) AND $12ECB (CVS $ to use next time).

I am at the point that I have a years stock of Men & Women's body wash, deodorant, face wash, tooth paste, mouth rinse, pretty much at least a 6m supply of every personal care item we need!!! I didn't spend more than $20 TOTAL out of pocket for it ALL either :)

I have a huge stock of snack items, all for $1.25 or less each, an 8m supply of cereal all $1.33 (and that was my special K) or less a box, most were .90 or less. Pop Tarts, I have a TON of those! Pasta, pasta sauce, condiments, paper goods, laundry detergent, bleach. I could go 3-4m with ONLY buying produce and be just fine!

However, I decided to pass my savings on. There are so many people that I feel God has sent my way...so 1 by 1 here I go!

Don't forget Friday night at 7:30pm my friend and I are hosting a "how to coupon right" meeting at my house. Please come, I really want to share with you how to do this. No matter how much you make, you CAN benefit from this! Extra money is always nice, saving on these products is a no brainer...just let me show you how and you can figure out what to do with YOUR SAVINGS!!!!

My first month I used my regular grocery budget, but started "stocking". I got 3-4 times the amount of stuff with the same budget. It was easier to stock on personal care items first. Then, the next month I moved on to grocery items. "Stocking" shelf or freezer items was my next step. Here I sit, 2 months after starting this journey and I have learned SO MUCH! I will NEVER pay regular price for anything again! My $450 grocery budget (when I say grocery, this means EVERYTHING, pets, household, food) is now down to $300...I didn't cut it more yet b.c I was still "Stocking".  I will probably keep $150 for produce/perishable items a month and $100 for coupon money a month in the end. So my $450 just got reduced to $200 a month. What can your family do with $200 a month?????????

My Monday shopping trip was to CVS, Walgreens & Target:

$21.53 total (after $5RR & $12ECB)
Target: Nivea Body Wash (I grabbed the last one and no rain checks, so hopefully they restock!!!)
            SALE $3.04 - $3 coupon (Sunday paper), use a reusable bag - .05...she handed me a penny!!!

Walgreens: Ocello Sponges B1G1 FREE ($3.99 each) - [2] $1 off coupons, I paid $1 per 3 pk!
                   Chocolate Covered Peeps 2/$1 - [1] $1 off 2 peeps coupon, FREE
                   3M Magic Tape B1G2 FREE ($1.99 each) - [1] $1 off coupons, I got them .33 each!
                   Nivea Body Wash $4.99 - $1.20 Instant Reward - [1] $3 off coupon, .79 each!!!!
                   Schick Items B1G1 FREE (Shave gel $3.79) - [2] .75 off each coupons, $1.15 each.
                   Scott Natural 6pk paper towels ($5) - $1 Walgreens coupon - [1] $1.50 Scott coupon
                                                                      $2.50 for the pack!
                   Gilette Fusion Razor $10.99 - $1 Instant Reward - [1] $4 off coupon - [1] $4 RR,
                                                     I got this for $1.99!!!

CVS:   Bertoli Alfredo Sauce 3/$5 (purchased 4) - [2] $1.50 off 2 coupons, only .91 Each!!
            Head & Shoulders $4.99 - $2 ECB - [1] $2 off coupon, .99 is all I paid!
            John Freda Products (sale $5, buy $10 worth get $5 ECB), I bought 2 hair sprays - [2] .75 off any JF product - $5 ECBs,  only $1.50 each!
            GE Energy Star Light bulb $2.99 - $2 ECB, only .99!
            Nature Valley Granola Thins B1G1 ($3.69 each) - [2] .75 off each, $1.09 a box!!!
            Paas Classic Easter Egg Decorating Kit $1.99 - $1.99 ECB, FREE
            Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, coupon for a FREE full size one!

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